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Writing the song Marianne was like coming home. As if I had been away on a huge journey for years, trying to find out who I was or what I had to say or something, and then I arrived back home and there it was - the self-knowledge. It had been there from the start and was waiting for me the whole time, just I could see it now and understand better, because of the journey. I can't fully describe it, but it was the most wonderful feeling in the world.”

— Lara-Jane Stewart

Lara-Jane's new single, “Marianne”, is a celebration of the re-emergence of herself into the world as Artist, Woman Of Song and Mother, all blended up together with more gratitude, humility, passion and courage than ever before. 

The essence of "Marianne” came and sang life and faith into her bones in the most beautiful way when she needed it, so this recording is a gift from her heart back to life itself and to the infinite mystery of grace from whence it came. 

As you listen, maybe you'll feel its beating heart and maybe it'll breathe some faith and life back into your bones. 


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Waltz As Myself

Lara-Jane Stewart

A track to move slowly to, Waltz As Myself invites you to pour yourself some homemade lemonade and kick back on the front porch, while its lazy drumbeat and even lazier mandolin and guitars do their best to slow the passage of time for you.

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Waltz As Myself was one of those songs that just kind of dropped out of me without any effort. I was sitting on the lounge room floor tinkling on the guitar, thinking about life and the words and chords just started coming out by themselves. I was quite literally looking out the glass of the front door to the "sparkling, glistening grass, naked under the sun, hiding from no one", as the lyrics go. As simple as it was, writing that song changed a lot in my world, and it really planted the seed for the song Marianne, though I wasn't to meet her for a couple more years yet...”

— Lara-Jane Stewart

Waltz As Myself

First released 2018 (Re-released February 2020)

Words & Music: Lara-Jane Stewart

Recorded at: Paperbark Recording Co

Engineered by: Alex Rottier

Guitars: Dwight Stewart, Lara-Jane Stewart

Vocals: Lara-Jane Stewart

Drums: Mitch Francis

Bass Guitar: Alex Rottier

Mandolin: Steve Cook